IEP is a unique learning environment. It offers students an international experience while satisfying the curriculum requirements of Thailand. Each student receives the individual attention required to be prepared for the challenging world awaiting them.

 The faculty and staff are proud to give our students the confidence, the skills and the desire to be competitive and succesful in this era of globalization.

                 -          Each student is offered a quality education provided by qualified foreign and Thai teachers.

            -          Graduates from IEP can take an entrance examination to study in a university either in Thailand or other countries.

            -          Classes consist of not more than 25 students ensuring maximum interaction with one another and with the teacher.

            -          Any interested student can choose to participate in an exchange program to study abroad.

            -          When reaching grade 10, students have the option to learn more of Science/Math, Language/Math or Language/Language. This mentally prepares them for the university entrance exams.

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